ADULTS - anyone over 18 years


Quality instruction for adults.


Learn 2 Drive Driving provides the following options for Adult Drivers:

  • 'Behind the Wheel' instruction for individuals applying for their first driver's license.
  • Driving Evaluations for drivers who have been driving for awhile and now may find the need to improve & evaluate their driving ability - often beneficial for some Seniors or individuals recovering from a physical impairment. 
  • Tutoring is also available for those finding it difficult to pass the written portion (driving permit) of their test.   

Our certified driving instructors will ensure that our clients have all of the knowledge necessary to become safe drivers.  

We will give you the driving skills you need to get behind the wheel with confidence. 

Applying for driver's permit or license.

After age 18, you are considered an adult and no longer have to meet the Graduated Driver License Program. However, adults are still required to obtain a North Carolina Learner's Permit. 

Review the documents needed to obtain your permit or license. Download the North Carolina Drivers Handbook and start studying today! 

Registration and Cost

Lessons are 2 hours and one-on-one with a certified driving instructor.

Lessons cover various driving skills; such as:

right-a-way rules, lane changes, turns, parking highway driving, 3-point turns and backing.

Your driving instructor will discuss your needs prior to your lesson and will determine how to best best manage your lesson time to accomplish your lesson goals. 
One Lesson - 2 hours                $125*

We offer discounts for individuals who may need additional assistance and arrange for multiple lessons.

Three Lesson Package - 6 hours   $350*

*A pick up service is included in 'Behind-the-Wheel' and is provided at no additional charge, 

when the pick up location is within a 25 mile radius from our office/classroom location. 

If a pick up location is further than 25 miles from our office/classroom location, 

we are still glad to come to you for a $10 trip fee per lesson.